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Our unique IN4 Pizza kiosk is a worldwide concept but will not been installed globally overnight. Sign up or like IN4 Pizza on facebook and we keep you informed about the roll-out.

Dear Pizza-friends:

It feels great to know that many people from all over the world believe in our pizza kiosk. We know it took a while but the results are incredible: the latest technology makes it possible now to offer the best pizza’s under 4 minutes and at a nice price as well. The fact that it is self service makes it possible to offer pizza’s 24/7. Quality of the pizza is our priority.

We use the best ingredients like real buffalo mozzarella and tomato sauce made with special selected tomatoes. When you taste the pizza, you will be pleasantly surprised! How can they offer this quality pizza at this low price? Efficiency from A-Z. Large numbers mean volume discounts. Energy saving ovens, connection to the Internet so all requested information is available real time. No unnecessary trips to the locations.  You simply get a message when service or restocking is required. Welcome in the new world of pizza. Also on behalf of our entire team. This pizza concept will be introduced country by country. A team of specialists is ready to make each and every country successful.

I am looking forward to meet you in person shortly during one of our presentations or trade shows.

Best regards

Ronald Rammers
Founder and CEO IN4 Pizza

Why IN4 Pizza

Easy to use

It is so simple to order your own pizza! make your choice and follow the instructions at the screen. You can place an order for up to 4 pizza’s in one time. Entertainment is available while you wait plus free WIFI. A timer shows the remaining time left and you receive your order within 4 minutes.

Easy to install

The in4pizza kiosk is available as a stand-alone unit or can be build-in where it needs the size of a door opening. No water hook up required. Just electricity is enough.

Tasteful pizza

Our pizza’s can meet any test with pizza’s from others. Each pizza kiosk offers 4 different flavors. we use only the best ingredients. Special pizza’s like Halal, vegetarian or Kosher are available as well.

Unlimited possibilities

The needed floor space is limited but the possibilities are unlimited. Imagine all those locations where this pizza concept will work perfect: Supermarkets and gas stations, but also universities, hospitals and hotels. airports and bus- and train stations and large companies are just a few ideas.

Different payment options

There are different payment systems available to make sure it match with the local market including debet and credit cards, contactless payments, pin etc.

Global Concept

This pizza concept will work all over the world. From Australia – Mexico and From Canada – China. Everybody loves pizza! Check online which countries are open at the moment. Sign in for our monthly news letter and you receive all new information immediately. The FAQ’s gives answers on many questions but we can imagine that you have specific questions for your very own situation. please don’t hesitate to send us your questions by email and we are more than happy to answer these for you.

Our pizza’s are made with the best ingredients and always fresh baked for you. Until now, it took at the traditional pizza places always 12-15 minutes to get a fresh baked pizza. By using the latest technology is it possible to prepare your own selected pizza under 4 minutes.  Order your pizza now is fun: 24/7 available at most locations, Who doesn’t like to bake his own pizza?